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My aim is to heal, uplift and inspire you through  edu-tainment!

I'm a music artist who also coaches 'dreamers and believers' helping them to achieve the life they truly desire!

I have a star-studded background with a career as a signed artist with Columbia Records, working with some of the music industry's giants such Marc Marot (U2's manager), Ken Nelson (Coldplay's producer), and supporting high profile acts such as Amy Winehouse; I have achieved many of my own goals and have many more to achieve!

It's taken me several years to figure out why I was achieving my goals, and what I discovered with the help of many personal growth programs and seminars, is a set of universal laws, and how a person's ability to abide by them determine's how successful they will be in their endevours!

Today I write, record and perform music whilst coaching and speaking on the subject of thought leadership and how you can be healed, uplifted and inspired to live the life you truly desire!

Bradley x 

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